Possible sighting of Birds in Bangalore : Part 1

The immense pleasure of watching the birds can be substantiate only by bird watchers. I am more interested to watch birds. Though we run a machine life, there are lot to listen from the nature. Nature always teach a lot, which gives you the happiness which can not be compensate by any other. I decided to make a record of birds. But I do not have sufficient time to make an account of it. So instead of counting the birds, I decided to record the possibility of sighting the birds. I live in Marathahalli, Bangalore. I travel 17KM everyday to reach my office. I start making a note of the birds which I could see around my home and my way to office. I start this on 01.08.2011. I recorded this for 21 days (not continuous days).

If I saw either 50 rock pigeon or one single pigeon, I considered that the possibility of sighting is true for that day. I have seen rock pigeon all the 21 days and I saw the Shikra for only 4 days.

In the above list, each bird gives the pleasure in different way.

Ashy Prinia (சாம்பல் கதிர் குருவி): Every day morning, I hear the very first voice made by this little creature. The continuous voice of this bird starts the fine morning. Normally I found this in bushes near by house.


Black Kite (ஊர் பருந்து) : The most important job of this bird is cleaning the city. They do the free service in our living place. Easily available in all over Bangalore. I have seen this bird in all the 21 days.


Brahminy Kite (செம் பருந்து) : The similar size of Black Kite, which has white neck. I found this bird in very few days. I have seen plenty of Brahminy kite in Silk board (Hosur Road, Bangalore).


.... to be continued

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