Possible sighting of Birds in Bangalore : Part 2

Common Myna (நாகணவாய் ): The interesting factor is the mimicry of this bird. So many times I thought some parakeet is passing over my head. The population is abundant in Bangalore. I found this bird in most of the places. The bird takes their food from garbage waste.


Cormorant (நீர் காகம் ): There is no pond or lake near by my area. So I could see this birds very few times. If I would have monitor the birds near by some good water resource, I might have seen this daily.


Black Drongo (கருங்கரிச்சான்): The dancing bird, comes to one particular location in the evening. I have seen the pair was playing and making noise. The way of flying up and down is magnificent.


Egret (கொக்கு ): I didn't noted down either it is a little egret or cattle egret. I found this most of the time when it was flying.


Greater Coucal (செம்போத்து ): I would call this as a mini Peacock. The beautiful feathers take my attention without my knowledge.


House Crow(காகம்): The most common Indian bird helps our society clean.


House Sparrow (சிட்டுக் குருவி): I found very few of this bird. Fortunately, I found the flocks of sparrows near by my locality and obviously there is a reason for this. I know one gentle man feeding sparrows everyday. He made a artificial nest box also. The birds still remains because of his excellent work.


Asian Koel (குயில் ): I never failed to hear the song sung by this beautiful singer. There is a pair roaming near by my house. I could easily see this near by jack fruit tree.


.... to be continued

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