Possible sighting of Birds in Bangalore : Part 3

Pelican: I saw three pelicans were flying at a long distance. My binocular helps me to identify the birds. But I am not sure whether it is a spot billed pelican.


Pond Heron: The most common bird. Though there is no pond or lake near by home, I saw this while travel (sometimes I see when the bird travels, sometimes I see when I travel!)


Purple rumped Sun bird: There is a huge Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant in front of my house. Not often, but I could realize this bird only when it calls. The unique voice helps to identify the arrival of the bird.


Purple Sun bird: I did not see as much as Purple rumped Sun bird. The dark purple color and peculiar voice of this bird is one of my favorite.


Rock Pigeon: May be the highly populated bird. I never found any difficulty to see this. The abundant population in Bangalore, easily helps to identify this.


Rose ringed Parakeet: The flocks of Parakeet just crossing my home everyday. But I haven't seen this beauty every day. Good information is that still the habitat for this parakeet remains in Bangalore.


Shikra: I found both male and female shikra. But they did not gave me an opportunity to see everyday. There may be very few in my area.


Spotted Dove: I go to my office cafeteria to see this bird. I take a window seat and and I take a cup of tea with good sighting of spotted dove. They never disappointed me.


Swift: The small flight flying in most of the places. Normally I could see this after 8AM in the morning near to my house.

Tree Pie: When I was watching a black kite sitting on the palm tree, I noticed a long tail in the next branch. My binocular helps me identify this tree pie. I had this luck only once.


White browed Wagtail: Luckily I saw this bird only once, but too far from my house. The black and white tail dancer grabs my attention.


White cheeked barbet: One fine morning, when I open my door, I found some greenish passing my house. It was settled in near by jack fruit tree. I immediately took my binocular and I found this beautiful bird sitting on the perch.


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