Talking Chickens [Kids Bedtime Story -1]

Kate is a 9-year-old girl living in a small beautiful village called Solva in Wales. One day when she woke up from bed, she got a surprising skill. She did not realize it until her pet cat responded. As usual, she said "Good Morning" to her fuzzy cat. The cat immediately responded and said "Good Morning". She was thrilled. She called her parents and told them the cat is speaking with her. When her parents interacted with the cat, it was silent. Then they understood that the cat responds only when Kate talks to it. The news spread over the village. 

When the neighbor came with his pet dog, Kate was able to interact with the dog too. Everyone in the village was amazed by the special skill which Kate had. Kate was able to speak with all the animals in the village. One day a farmer came to Kate's house and asked for help. Kate immediately agreed to help him and asked "how can I help you?"

The farmer said "I have more than 50 chickens on my farm. But I see the count is reducing every day. I think the Red fox is coming in the night and capturing the chicken. If you can talk to the chickens and ask for more information about the fox, I'll search for the fox in the correct direction and kill it. Could you please help me?". Kate smiled at the farmer and said, "Sure, I will talk to the chickens immediately".

Kate rushed to the farm with the farmer and asked the chickens about the fox who is capturing the chickens every day. One of the chickens came to Kate and replied "It is not a fox, it's a thief". Kate was surprised by the answer and asks for the identification of the thief. The chicken explained. Kate explained the whole story to the farmer, and he immediately recognized the thief. The farmer went to the thief's house and found all his stolen chickens. The farmer happily brought back all the chickens to his farm and thanked Kate for her big help.

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