Matriarch - Mr.Byju H

I had only two reasons to buy this book. My friend Mr.Raveendran, a Wildlife Conservationist told me once about the dedication and involvement of Mr.Byju in conservation. The second reason is that this book talks about elephants. After reading this book, I now have a hundred reasons to recommend why you must read this book.

This book is not a novel but there are stories. Surprisingly the narrators are elephants. The book speaks about the elephant's habitat, behaviours, and role of elephants in the forests, etc. The author also explained the issues like habitat loss and deforestation. 

Elephants are nowadays facing threats for various reasons. The author covers all the issues like electrocution, accidents, poaching etc.. The author has very well explained the difficulties for elephants to use their corridor. The readers could able to really hear the voice of the poor elephants by reading this book. The author has listed all the major issues faced by elephants in the Indian forests. 

The book explains the problems and also recommends the solutions. The author has explained the elephant behaviour in the forest which shows the knowledge he has gathered in the field. The connection between the tribals and elephants is also described in detail. The book also explains how the elephant camps are running, how the elephants are captured and how they are trained as kumkis etc. If anyone wants to know about the elephant family structure, how the matriarch takes responsibility for protecting the family, how they care for each other and many more elephant behaviours, this is one of the best books to read. 

Particularly the motherhood of the elephant is very well written by the author. We all have seen elephants in our life. But if you really want to feel the pain of an elephant with their own voice, this book is a must-read. 

You can enjoy their love and bonding. 

You can feel their pain. 

You can understand their life.

Moreover, you can hear their voice and that's the most important aspect as they are voiceless. 

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